Swimply – It’s the Air BNB For Swimming Pool Owners

Have you ever looked around and noticed … you aren’t in a swimming pool? Everyone does at some point, but what is a person to do? Pools cost money, they need to be maintained … let that be someone else’s problem – you want to swim!

Swimply has a solution, and if you’re a pool owner, you might just make a buck! Take count of all the days that someone is in an apartment, sweltering, head near the fan, just wanting relief. After 98 degrees, they’ll even pay for it! That’s what Swimply is counting on.

Swimply is a brainchild solution that connects pool owners with pool wanters. It’s like Airbnb for your pool. Water BNB? Well, sort of. Instead of renting your entire house, you’re going to just rent the aquatic feature in the backyard. They want to swim, let them rent the pool!

After it’s soft-launching last year, Swimply is rolling out nationwide this summer, which is the pool dreamer’s opportunity to take in some awesome pools from sunny southern California to the white sands of Florida … and places in between, after all – there are pools everywhere.

It works like this. You’re a person who simply doesn’t have a pool, but you want to swim, splash and basque in the luxury of, well, someone else’s pool. Well, up to this moment in life, you had to know someone who liked you, or was willing to let you on their property – or pack up a cooler and head to the public pool. With Swimply, if you’re that person, you can connect with a pool owner who doesn’t want to know you, but does want your money!

As a pool owner, you place a listing on the Swimply site, complete with images, price per hour and any other pertinent details, like cabana availability, grills on the premises, water slides and potential restrictions – like swimsuits stay on!

Users scroll through available options that can accommodate their desires and with the App, they simply book the pool for an allotted amount of time, show up, and proceed to enjoy a summer day in an actual swimming pool.

So is it a win-win situation for the pool owner? Maybe. Does the pool guy get work from it? Of course! Are non-pool owners reaping benefits? Yes! Is it for you?

Go to www.swimply.com and find out.