Municipal Leak Detection – Same Problems Solved As Residential Leak Detection

It’s all about water loss, and the expense it costs to keep that water inside the pipes where it belongs. When we use our listening gear, it isn’t just in swimming pools and houses, it’s anywhere a pipe is, and could be leaking.

The City of Newburgh water department had the same problem and by using listening equipment, they have been able to find and repair more than 200 leaks that have been costing the city an excess of 4 million gallons of drinking water a day over the past three years. Since finding those leaks and performing repairs, they are now seeing all time record low water production costs at their area treatment plant, and the city is ecstatic!

In 2016, the city made a choice to hire a professional leak detection technician who took two weeks to survey the entire water system and listen for leaks. Some of the issues the professional found included simply tightening hydrants, but others involved digging into the street to re-clamp or replace pipes. However, without first finding those leaks, the repair process would never have begun.

“The number of leaks dropped from an initial 93 known leaks at the start of the program to an astounding 23 leaks as repairs were soling the problem. Those leak repairs drove water production rates at the Little Britain Road treatment plant down from 6.3 million gallons a day in 2016 to 2.8 million a day this year,” Water Department Superintendent Wayne Vradenburgh said.

Less water is being treated at a secondary wastewater treatment plant that serves the area. During this past September, plant operators reported a record-low treatment rate of about 4.8 million gallons a day, lowering costs for sludge disposal and chemicals, and reducing the amount of combined sewer overflow discharges into the Hudson River and Quassaick Creek.

It’s astounding when you consider the water saved, the expense spared and jobs created when taking a little time to simply listen to where the leaks are can isolte exactly where and how the repair will take place.

pipe repair under street