Free Pools For Kids From Todd Arredondo In Texas – You Can Help

Todd Arredondo, a Texas resident, is taking to the Internet and gathering donations to bring summer relief to children in a special way. He’s giving them free swimming pools!

Arredondo states that he absolutely lives for the moment he sees those children’s faces when they receive their pool.

That’s what life is about, helping people in need,” Arredondo shares.

Free Pools For Kids

People are calling him the San Antonio Summer Santa Clause, but he’s just doing something he feels is right. He’s delivering free pools to kids who need to cool down from the heat, and maybe feel that someone out there is thinking kindly about their wants and needs.

Arredondo started giving away free pools three summers ago when he saw a family ridiculed online for their makeshift pool.

Everyone was making fun of them and I said if we find them, I’ll buy them a swimming pool,‘” Arredondo stated. There was simply no reason to ridicule someone who just wanted to find relief from the heat, and to enjoy the type of pleasure that comes from a swimming pool.

With that, Arredondo kept his promise and has since delivered 395 more pools in the past three years. He has delivered to families in need across the border and in a number of cities along the west coast too. He’s not stopping anytime soon, this summer he’ll give away his 400th free pool.

Free Pools For Kids

Maybe these kids will remember who helped them and they can help someone else out when they grow up,” Arredondo said.

Arredondo‘s Charity has a Facebook page and if you’d like to donate or participate, you can reach him thereClick Here To Visit Facebook.