Childproof Fences Only Work When Properly Installed

During any of the pool inspections we’ve provided as professionals, one of the points on our checklist is to identify if a pool has child protection, is it installed properly and above all, is it actually used. It’s surprising how many people ignore this.

Recently, a video has been making the rounds on social media that shows a “hero dad” jumping a childproof barrier to save a child that fell into a pool. The one problem we see with this fence is that it does not go entirely around the pool – and this is the one thing we see the news ignoring. Yes, childproof fences work, but only when properly installed.

Here’s the video:

If this fence had been properly applied, no child would have been able to simply walk around it and enter the pool. It’s a glaring mistake that the news has consistently missed, while trying to make a story about a hero dad. The real hero here would be the inspector that identified the issue and recommended the repair.


Proper swimming pool inspections include a 300 point inspection checklist that covers all aspects of pool safety – including childproof fences. It’s just one of the aspects of performing a proper inspection, and most home inspectors simply don’t do this. In the inspection industry, they state that a visual inspection of a pool is good enough. We don’t buy that – that’s why we’re certified to perform real swimming pool inspections, including leak detections as well as safety requirements.

Did you know that a complete swimming pool inspection, including a proper leak detection can bring the technician $500-$800 for a couple hours work, and for people who do pool repairs, this is a win win! You can turn that proper inspection into paid repair work from a client you’re already working with!

Here’s how we did it!

The LeakTronics Swimming Pool Inspection WITH leak Detection Training Course:

As well as the course including all the equipment necessary to do the job of leak detection, the Pro Complete Kit from LeakTronics, here’s what the training course includes, cut right from the website we took out training from:

Certification Course Outline

Introduction Module:

Here we give an introduction to what the course is, what we cover and what you can expect to learn throughout the online training program. You’ll see common issues on pools we’ve found and we’ll tell you why these issues need to be noted and the best ways to let the customer know what’s right, and what’s wrong.

Leak Detection – Module 1 / Best Practices:

In Module one we will be giving you a taste of the leak detection industry, along with helpful tips and tricks from a veteran of the industry.

  • Leak Detection Introduction
  • Customer Psychology
  • 10 Commandments of Leak Detection
  • Taking Phone Calls
  • Our Equipment vs. Theirs
  • Conversions to Repair

Leak Detection – Module 2 / The Kit:

In this module we’ll learn about the components of the Pro Complete Kit, to help you become familiar with your new equipment!

  • Total Walkthrough of our Pro Complete Kit
  • Labeling Components
  • Use of Components
  • How Each Piece Works in the Field

Leak Detection – Module 3 / In the Shell:

In Module three our video will take place at our training pool, where Darren will teach you how to locate leaks within a pool shell, and how to handle structural cracks.

  • Safety. How to properly use the equipment at a job site and other best practices.
  • How to Find a Leak in the Shell
  • Diving and Dye
  • Static Testing
  • Structural Cracks

Leak Detection – Module 4 / Plumbing:

In this module we will combine location (at a pool) and in-classroom video learning to give you a clear overview of how pool plumbing systems work, and the methods associated with locating leaks within lines.

  • Pool Plumbing, “What makes it tick?”
  • How do Pool Plumbing Systems Work
  • Locating Leaks Within Lines
  • Proper use of the FLASH System
  • Using Camera Technology to Aid in Leak Detection

Leak Detection – Module 5 / Case Studies:

In this module we will be providing a comprehensive walkthrough of specific jobs we have worked, and how the knowledge we gained from that experience will aid you in the field.

  • Case Studies, Descriptions, and photos
  • Examples of how to Handle Specific Situations you may run into.
  • Photos from our Past Trainees
  • Explanation of our Technical Support

The Inspection Checklist:

In this module we will walk through the entire Inspection Checklist in two videos, covering all aspects of the inspection process and looking at the pool and other bodies of water, the equipment that runs it and the safety of the deck, fencing, barrier and other elements that surround the pool area.

  • The Initial Walk-up
  • The Pool Construction, Cracking and Surface Delaminations
  • Decking and Drainage
  • The Beam, Coping and Tile
  • Skimmers, Autofills and Main Drains
  • Handrails, Diving Boards and Slides, Raised Walls and Safety Issues
  • Pool Equipment
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fencing, Barriers and Pool Covers
  • Above Ground Pools

Pool Inspection Case Studies:

We’ll show you five case studies and the issues we discovered during a thorough inspection as well as recommendations you can give for customer repairs.

  • 5 Case Studies from on the job experiences
  • Photo and video pieces that explain what we found and how it failed inspection
  • In depth explanation of what failed, and why it isn’t acceptable.

Paperwork Downloads:

Here we will provide you with printable resources to keep you operating.

  • The Inspection Checklist
  • Initial Call Questionnaire
  • Disclaimer / Disclaimer Guide
  • How to measure sizing for pumps and catch basins
  • Safety explanations for Handrails and the Virginia Game Baker Act

Business and Marketing:

LeakTronics will walk you through best recommendations for starting your business or implementing Inspections into your list of services with marketing techniques and information to maintain a quality website and networking relationships within the marketplace.

  • Business and Marketing Recommendations
  • Understand AdWords and Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Using Google Analytic
  • Using Craigslist

Pool Repair Video Series:

We’re walking you through the how-to’s of pool repair, from structural cracks, skimmer repair and installation, light and conduit repair and more with instruction on what tools and equipment get the job done and what methods complete the job with the best results.

  • In depth video instruction
  • Best product recommendations
  • An understanding of how the job gets done right
  • There is nothing like this available anywhere in the industry.

It’s a Proven Method

Our patented LeakTronics equipment has changed a leak detection market riddled with antiquated equipment that lags in performance and works poorly, costing homeowners and commercial businesses thousands in unnecessary repairs and wasted time. Some of those same tools, unfortunately, are still making their rounds till this very day! Thousands of professionals use LeakTronics equipment and techniques on a daily basis, on real leak detection and inspection jobs of all sizes and scopes, earning top dollar. You will do the same.

So in the end, yes, cheers to the father who saved his son from drowning – but shame on the Inspector that didn’t alert the homeowner to the dangers of an improperly installed childproof fence, and shame on the hero dad for letting this situation happen in the first place.

Learn proper swimming pool inspection and don’t let this happen again!